June 22, 1970

Advances Speed Phased Array Use

Space Technology

Shuttle Poses Dominant Challenge


New Roles Grow for Electro-optics


Advances Speed Phased Array Use

Progress in microwave devices may cut costs of phased arrays for airborne radars, countermeasures and communications

Space Technology

Shuttle Poses Dominant Challenge

Evolution of an operational space transportation system with highly diversified cost-effective payload flexibility represents the most demanding aerospace technological challenge of the 1970s. Research and development of the space transportation system and its multipurpose components are expected by many who are participating to be an order of magnitude more difficult than the Apollo lunar landing program.


New Roles Grow for Electro-optics

Recognition rises that electro-optical devices are able to cope with diverse demands of modern warfare in harsh environments


Wide Use of Composites Expected

Continuing development will push advanced composite materials from their current laboratory and early hardware evaluation stage into prominence for use in airframes, aircraft powerplants and spacecraft by 1980. Future light aircraft may be made almost entirely of materials now in development.


Solid-state Technology Invades Microwave Frequencies

Family of novel solid-state microwave devices, most of them discovered only within the last several years, will completely eliminate vacuum tubes in many types of avionics equipment to be developed during this decade. In high-power radar, where microwave tubes presently are secure, they may feel the challenge before the decade is over.

U. S. Efforts Pace Engine Advance

Advances in air-breathing propulsion technology during the next decade and a half will be limited only by man’s ability to define his requirements and to pay for them. The greatest progress is being made in those areas where there are technology carriers—funded weapon systems— to support required research and development work on an engine.


Machine Research Aims at Shaving Costs

Challenges include increasing size and complexity of parts, use of variety of materials such as composites, superalloys


Large-scale Arrays Add Capabilities

Semiconductor microcircuits increase in size and compjexity to achieve an ever-expanding range of device technologies

Aeronautical Engineering

Hypersonic Transport Study Grows

Scientists generally agree aircraft will be paced by development of engines burning liquid hydrogen; other answers remain elusive

Space Technology

Sensors Pose Earth Satellite Challenge

Technological challenge facing development of a functional earth resources observation system lies primarily in reliability of sensors and the capability to collect, interpret, disseminate and make use of data from space that is beneficial to the world population and its environment.
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