December 28, 1929

The Federal Budget and Aeronautics

A Survey of Canadian Commercial Aviation

Preventing and Extinguishing Aircraft Fires


The Federal Budget and Aeronautics

An Analysis of the President's Recommendations for Aeronautical Expenditures for the Coming Year

A Survey of Canadian Commercial Aviation

Controller of Civil Aviation for Canada


Preventing and Extinguishing Aircraft Fires

ANY DISCUSSION of aircraft fires resolves itself into two considerations: prevention of fire, and fire extinguishing. They are closely related and should be considered together. In fact they are inseparable, because to successfully extinguish a fire it is in most cases necessary to remove the cause.


Plane and Ground Communication By Radio

A Brief Study of the Pan-American Radio Systems and Its Development

Aircraft Owner Liability Under the Law

THAT PART of the Uniform State Law for Aeronautics which is likely to affect most intimately the owner of commercial aircraft of whatever type, is the section which provides that the owner of every aircraft is absolutely liable for injuries to persons or property caused by the ascent, descent or flight of the aircraft, whether such owner was negligent or not.


What Our Readers Say

To THE EDITOR: Portuguese Atlantic Flights We have read with much interest your splendid article entitled “More and Better Navigation” in your issue of November 2, of AVIATION, which the writer receives regularly. The subject of your article being directly connected with the object of a project of ours, it occurred to us that you would be interested to be informed of same.

Airport Construction Projects

CONSTRUCTION of the $100,000 passenger depot for Western Air Express at its Los Angeles Airport has reached the interior finishing stage and is expected to be ready for occupancy Jan. 1. The three-story brick structure will house ticket offices, baggage rooms, and the terminal cafe on the first floor; weather bureau, Aeronautics Branch representatives, and other departments of the company will be housed on the second floor; the radio department, operating personnel, and experimentation division will occupy the third floor and surmounting all will be an inclosed cupola where the chief dispatcher will have his office.

New Volumes for the Shelves

A Vivid History SKY HIGH ! The Story of Aviation; by Eric Hodgings and F. Alexander Magoun; published by Little, Brown & Co.; 337 pp.; $2.50. WITH THE rush of the Christmas season receding into memory, the availability of this product of the labors of Messrs.

Side Slips

THE INTREPID AVIATOR, and his partner-in-crime, The Sterling Mechanic, came into the office to see us today. They said that in the past all tests and research which were made by any organizations seemed to be only for improving military airplanes, and they thought it was about time that some one paid some attention to the commercial airplane from a research, point of view.


Airship Base Data Released in Report

House Committee to View Sunnyvale and Kearney Sites WASHINGTON (D.C.) — Naval Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, headed by the Hon. Fred A. Britten, will inspect the West Coast Naval Airship Base Sites early in 1930, an announcement states.
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